Experiment To Show That Chlorophyll Is Necessary For Photosynthesis.

Detach a leaf from a variegated plant, which has been exposed to sunlight for at least three (3) hours.

Make a drawing of the leaf in your note show the pattern of green and white areas.

Test a complete leaf for starch.

Make a second drawing of the leaf along side the first to show areas coloured blue-black and orange brown with iodine.

The blue-black areas of the leaf correspond to the green areas of the leaf.
The white areas of the leaf shows the orange brown colour of the iodine solution.

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Start Of Experiment

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                                   End Of Experiment

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It can be concluded that the green areas of the leave tested positive for the presence of starch due to the presence of chlorophyll. Hence, photosynthesis cannot occur without Chlorophyll.

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