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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

How To Operate The Microscope

1) Place the microscope on a bench with the handle/arm facing you and the stage away from you whilst you sit.

2) Place the instrument where it could recurve enough light into the mirror.(Remember it is an optical instrument). Swing the mirror to turn the showing flat surface up.

3) Rack up the condenser until it is within 5mm from the stage.

4) Lower the objective lens by means of the course adjustment to about 5mm from the stage.

5) Remove the eyepiece lens an look down the tube, at the same time moving the mirror direct light into the objective lens.
Put the eyepiece lens back (replace it) and place a slide on the stage and fix it firmly with the stage clip. (Use a prepared slide with small organism mounted in gum and covered with a thin cover slip.

6) Look through the eyepiece lens and rack up the tube using the coarse adjustment until the objective on the slide comes into focus.
Use both eye , but cover one with one hand of it is difficult to use the two eyes.

7) Adjust the focus of the sub-stage condenser until the window or lamp (light source) is super - imposed on the slide.
Then put the condenser just out of focus , so that the light source disappears.

8) This can be focussed clearly at different levels, according to the thickness of the specimen on the slide , by using the fine adjustment screw.

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