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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

How To Teach Your Child The Parts Of The Microscope And Their Functions

Parts Of The Microscope And Their Functions
1) Eye Piece - it holds the ocular lens.

2)Barrel - It holds the eye piece.

3)Nose Piece - It holds the objective lens.

4) Objective lens(High/Low) - It is used to view the specimen mounted.

5) Stage - It supports the slide.

6) Clip - It is used to hold the slide firmly on the stage.

7) Diaphragm - It holds the condenser and it is used to adjust the condenser.

8) Condenser - It admits light from the mirror into microscope.

9) Mirror - it admits light from the surrounding into the microscope (condenser).

10) Stand - It supports the microscope.

11) Course Adjustment - it is for bringing the specimen into focus.

12) Fine Adjustment - It is for giving a sharp image of the specimen that is brought into focus.

13) Hinge - It is used to adjust the frame of the microscope

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