Life Cycle Of Mosquito (Anopheles)

The Anopheles mosquito lays eggs that floats on the water.

The eggs develops into larvae, which lie just beneath the water surface.
They are kept in that position by surface tension of the water.

The larvae have a pair of spiracles at the surface of water for gaseous exchange.
The spiracle leads into a breathing system called tracheal system.

Also present at mouth brushe sunk in the water which filter the water for microscopic organism for food.
The larvae develops into pupae.
A pupa has fused rounded head, thorax and curved abdomen, giving it a comma-shaped structure.

The head,of the pupae bear siphons (also called breathing tubes) at the surface of the water.
The pupa develops into an adult mosquito.

The life cycle of the mosquito is a complete metamorphosis.
It has four(4) stages from Egg -> Larvae -> pupa -> adult.

Life Cycle Of Mosquito (Anopheles sp)

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