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Saturday, 13 August 2016


This is the displacement of one or more bones at a joint as a result of the tearing of ligaments around the joint.

A partial or incomplete dislocation is called a subluxation. Dislocation occurs when a strong force acts directly or indirectly on a joint wrenching a bone into an abnormal position. Joints which are frequent include the jaw, knee, elbow, shoulder, finger and toe.

The treatment for all types of dislocation is to move the bones back into the proper relation with each other, a process known as reduction. Dislocations should be reduced as quickly as possible to avoid impairment of muscle and tendon function.

Signs and symptoms of dislocation
1. Casualty complains of severe pain at or near the joint.

2. Casualty is unable to move affected part.

3. Injured joint appeared deformed .

4. Swelling and later bruising at the Site of injury.

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