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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Reflex Action

Reflex action simply refers to the swift  unexpected, involuntary and unsuppressed response of the whole or part of the human body to a stimulus. The spinal cord is responsible for the initiation of reflex action not the brain. Reflex action is a way the human body's defence mechanism reacts towards imminent danger. This helps the human body to avoid those dangers.
Reflex action is apparently uncontrollable and sometimes happens to people unaware.
The fact is, reflex action cannot be halt when it is happening. An example is when your foot accidentally steps on a sharp object, it swiftly and automatically steps off the object as quick as possible.

Reflex arc is literally the neural pathway of a reflex action. Reflex actions takes place as a due to the neurological impulses that moves along the body's neurones which are arranged in a well organised path.

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