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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Things you can do to become smart and intelligent

Everybody wants to be smart and it's good because, smartness makes us intelligent.
If you are smart, people will like you and will always love your company.
Even in schools, teachers tend to like students who are smart and intelligent.
People wants to be smart but the truth is, they do not do things that would really make them smart.

The following are some important things you can do to make you smart and intelligent.

1) Exercise
    Most people think exercise is some kind of joke but the truth is, it is not.
In fact, exercise does not just make us smart, it also makes us healthy and protects us dangerous sicknesses and diseases.
There are a lot of simple exercise you can do to make you strong, smart and intelligent.
Some of these exercises are jogging, press ups etc.
A little bit of exercise in the morning is really good because it improves the circulation of blood in the body and that will make you smart and intelligent.
Exercise is very important to the human body and brain so don't joke with it at all.
At least doing an exercise every morning is enough.

2) Reading
   Most people think reading is just done for knowledge but the truth is, it's not.
Sometimes reading is done to  make our mind active. Some people read during their leisure time. Some on the other hand, read to gain vital information.
The fact is, reading broadens our mind.
The more you read, the more active, smarter and intelligent your mind would become.

3) Watching of movies
    People normally thinks watching of a movie is a waste of time. The truth is, it's not.
Watching of movies increases both your intelligent quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ).
It can also improve both your listening and speaking skills.
Movies also releases stress and helps you free your mind.

4) Listening to music
    Listening to music is one one of the greatest and awesome way to increase your intelligent quotient(IQ).
Certain songs contain good and deep lyrics which requires the listener to listen carefully before he or she can grasp or understand it.
Most of the musicians around the globe are very intelligent and smart. This is because music requires a lot of great words to sound good.
Music also helps to free the mind from unnecessary stress and anxieties.

5) Playing of video games.
   Playing of video games can really help you to become smart because it increases your eye to hand coordination.
Games makes people to use their minds, hand and eyes at the same time. This helps us to become smart and intelligent.
Adventure and football games are really good games that can actually increase your intelligent quotient(IQ).

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