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Wednesday, 30 August 2017


You are born with certain traits. Do you look like your parents and grandparents? Do you have the same eye color? Are you tall? You receive these traits and many others from your parents.
Heredity is the process by which traits are passed from parents to offspring. You inherit physical, mental, and emotional traits.
Physical traits have to do with your body and are the easiest to see. You do not look exactly like your parents, but you resemble them. You may be tall like your mother. If you are tall, you may be an excellent basketball player. This would influence your personality. You may have poor vision like your father. You may need to wear special glasses. This might influence some of the things that you can or cannot do. These traits may also shape your personality.
Mental traits have to do with your mind. They are not as easy to see as physical traits. You may have a special talent for art or music. No one knows for sure how you got your talent. But we know that you may have some of the same talents as your parents. For example, if you are artistic, you may spend a lot of time painting. If you are musical, you may play in the band. In both cases, you spend time developing your talent. You may choose friends who have the same talents. This may influence your personality.
Emotional traits have to do with how you act and react in different situations. You learn many of your reactions from those around you. You learn from your parents. It is sometimes difficult to decide whether you learned or inherited a trait from your parents. However, some traits seem to be present at birth. Some babies are very active. They move a great deal. You may be very active like one of your parents. If you are active, this will influence your personality.

At birth, some babies make more noises than others. They want to react by talking. These babies may develop a friendly, talkative personality. They may be similar to one or both of their parents. 

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