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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Importance of Good Health

You were born with certain genes that influenced your development. 
These genes were transferred to you from your parents. Heredity is the transfer of genes from one generation to the next. Your heredity makes you different from others. No one else is just like you. That means your health is unique. You are unique because you have a combination of qualities others do not have. No one else functions as you do. No one else has exactly the same potential as you do. Your potential is your future abilities which are not yet developed. 

Look at the health scale. It is divided into units that range from zero to one hundred. When you are at 100, you are at your best. You are able to work toward your full potential. This is another way that we can define good health. Good health is being at your best physically, mentally, and socially. 

Sometimes you do not have good health. When you are at the lower numbers on the health scale, you are not able to reach your potential. Disease can be viewed as anything that blocks you from being at your best. Did you think that having a disease always means that your body is sick? Disease can be physical (having a cold), mental (not able to think clearly), or social (having problems with your friends). Disease is the improper functioning of a body part or process. 

Make a list of ten things that you really want to do. How will your health influence your ability to do these things? Why is it important to have good health? What are you doing about your health? 

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