Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthorpe, near Grantham, the same year that Galileo Galilei died. When he was a boy he did not show much interest in his studies. In his early days at Grantham grammar school he was bottom of the class! However, he became determined to beat the boy that had been bullying him. Eventually he did so, with both his fists and his brains, until at last he was top of the class.

He started his working life as a farmer, to please his mother. He soon lost interest in the job, spending much time at his favourite occupation studying mathematics. His mother decided that farming was not the life for her son. She sent him to Cambridge University. In only a few years he had become a professor of mathematics and known to the world as an unparalleled genius. By the time he was 30 years of age he had explained how a spectrum was formed from a beam of white light and had invented a reflecting telescope.
At the age of 45 he published one of the most famous science books ever written. In this book he expanded upon the scientiiie breakthrough that Galileo had made and explained Aristotle’s “three different types of motion”.
Later in his life he was appointed Master of the Mint and was elected to Parliament twice. He was elected President of the Royal Sdciety in 1703 and re-elected every year until his death in 1727.

It was many years after his death before his true genius was fully realized. Newton was one of the greatest theoretical scientists who have ever lived. His theories and experiments form the basis of many of our modern concepts of physics. A statue was erected in his honour in Grantham. The house in which he lived is now open to the public. 

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