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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Protecting Your Teeth

It is a good habit to be aware of ways to protect your teeth.
Malocclusion (mal uh KLEW zhun) is the improper fitting together of teeth when the jaws are closed. It is caused by poor dental habits, early loss of primary teeth, or injury to the teeth. It can also be caused by an abnormal relationship between the teeth and the size of the jaw.

An orthodontist is a dentist who treats malocclusion. If not treated, teeth become difficult to clean. The appearance of a person is also affected. Abnormal speech patterns and a difficulty in chewing food may result.

Sometimes a person loses one or more teeth due to accidents or injury. Once again, certain health habits can keep this from happening. 
Four important health habits to prevent tooth injury or loss are:
1. wear a seat belt in an automobile.

2. wear a mouth protector for sports
                   3. follow safety rules.

        4. drink properly from a water fountain.

If your tooth is knocked out, clean it in water. Then place it in a clean, cold cloth. This should be done as soon as possible. Then go to the dentist. The dentist can place the tooth back in its socket. The tooth may reattach and be normal again.

If a tooth is lost or pulled, it should be replaced. If not, the teeth may drift apart. This makes it easy for periodontal disease to develop. A bridge is a partial denture or replacement that is used to take the place of one or more teeth. The surrounding natural teeth support the bridge. When necessary, a complete denture can replace all the teeth. A complete denture is a full set of false teeth.

Abrasion is the wearing away of the tooth by mechanical forces. You can cause tooth abrasion when you use your teeth to open a jar or to hold a hard object. Improper toothbrushing can also cause abrasion. 

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