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Monday, 18 September 2017

3 ways you can lighten your skin naturally with yogurt

Yogurt is a by-product of milk. It is produced as a result of bacterial fermentation of milk. It has certain amazing nutrients that are good for the skin. It contains an acid known as lactic acid which has some bleaching properties.
It can be used alone but in some cases, it can be mixed with some ingredients to improve it's effectiveness.

The following are three different ways you can lighten your skin naturally with yogurt;

1. Carefully rub your skin with a plain yogurt.

2. Leave it on for ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes.

3. Carefully wash it off with lukewarm water.

Doing this once each and every day for some weeks can help improve your skin complexion.


1. Add one tablespoon of fresh yogurt to one half tablespoon of honey.

2. After mixing it, apply the mixture on your face, skin and neck.

3. Leave it on for about ten (10) to fifteen  (15) minutes.

4. Wash it off with clean water.

Doing this each and everyday can help improve your skin tone.


1. Add lemon juice to oatmeal

2. Add the mixture of oatmeal and lemon juice to yogurt to make a paste.

3. Apply the paste to the skin.

4. Wash it off after some minutes.
It will help moisturize the skin.

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