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Monday, 11 September 2017

45 Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic

Before we talk about the amazing health benefits of garlic, let us take a look the name of garlic in other languages.

  • The botanical name for garlic is Allium sativum.
  • The family name for garlic is Amaryllidaceae.
  • The Hindi name for garlic is Lehsan or Lasun.
  • The Telugu name of garlic is Vellulli or Velluri or Ullipayilu or Vellipaaya or Tellapaayalu or VelluliPayalu. 
  • The Kannada name for garlic is Bellulli.
  • The Malayalam name for garlic is Veluthulli or Vellulli.
  • The Tamil name for garlic is Poondu or Vellaipoondu.
  • The Bengali name for garlic is Rasoon or Rashun.

The following are the health benefits of garlic;

1. Garlic is good for treating or preventing high blood pressure.

2. Garlic is said to be good for treating wounds.

3. Garlic can help cure ear aches because of it's antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral properties.

4. Garlic can help prevent coronary heart disease.

5. Garlic can also help prevent heart attack.

6. Eating garlic can help prevent or treat atherosclerosis.

7. It is good for treating fever.

8. Garlic can be eaten to prevent cancers such breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer , colon cancer, rectal cancer, stomach cancer and bladder cancer.

9. Ginger can help treat gastritis (stomach inflammation).

10. Snakebites can be treated with garlic.

11. Shortness of breath can also be treated with garlic.

12. Garlic is good for curing or treating asthma.

13. Bronchitis can be treated with garlic.

14. Garlic can be used to treat sinus congestion.

15. Stomach aches can be treated with garlic

16. Garlic can help treat bronchitis.

17. Garlic is good for treating diphtheria.

18. It is good for whooping cough.

19. Joint pain can also be treated with garlic.

20. Garlic can help treat fever.

21. Hemorrhoids can cured with garlic.

22. Garlic is good for treating low blood sugar.

23. Garlic can be used to treat gout.

24. Garlic can help treat tuberculosis.

25. Garlic is good for treating headaches.

26. Garlic oil can be applied to their skin to treat fungal infections.

27. Vaginal yeast infection can be treat with garlic.

28. Garlic can be eaten to strengthen the immune system.

29. The iodine in garlic makes it good for treating hyperthyroid conditions.

30. Garlic can help reduce cardiovascular diseases.

31. Vaginal fungal and bacterial infections can be treated with garlic.

32. Garlic is good for regulation of blood sugar.

 33. Garlic can can help promote weight control.

34. Garlic can also help increase athletic performance.

35. Garlic can be eaten to detoxify heavy metals in the body.

36. Garlic can be eaten to improve bone health.

37. Eating garlic can help you live longer.

38. Garlic contains antioxidants that can help prevent dementia.

39. The antioxidants in garlic can also help prevent Alzheimer's Disease.

40. Acne can prevented with garlic

41. Garlic is sometimes used to treat intestinal problems.

42. It is also good for preventing or treating low blood pressure.

43. Garlic is good for lowering cholesterol level.

44. Eating garlic can help improve brain function.

45. Garlic contains nutrients like Selenium, Quercetin and Vitamin C which help treat eye infections.

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