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Saturday, 7 October 2017

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Physical Exercise

Some physical exercises can help get rid of stretch marks. This type of exercises are really difficult but it must be done regularly if you really want to remove your stretch marks as quickly as possible.

The following are some exercises which can effectively help remove stretch marks:

Exercise to remove Stretch Marks  found on the Stomach:

Lie down very flat on your back.
Bend your knees.
Make sure you keep your feet very flat on the floor.
Lift your upper body off the floor.
Now, contract your abs.
Do this type of exercise daily until an improvement is noticed.

Exercise to remove Stretch marks found on the thighs:

Sit down in a chair.
Make sure you sit straight in the chair.
Firmly, hold the chair with your hands.
After that, swing your legs in an upward an downward motion.
Do this exercise daily.

Exercise to remove Stretch marks found on the hips:

Lie down very flat on your back for some minutes.
Lift your right leg first. Let the leg be in a straight vertical form.
You will start feeling some kind of pull  on your buttocks.
Immediately you start feeling the pull on your buttocks, put the right leg down.
Now perform the same procedure on the other leg.

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