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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

How to Heal Minor Wounds at Home

Minor wounds can occur when the skin is cut or torn.
Minor includes lacerations, scrapes and cuts.
There are certain factors that can make an individual prone more prone to wounds. Some of these factors are age, excessive smoking, radiation and chemotherapy, steroid use, .......etc.
There are certain symptoms that accompany wounds. Some of these symptoms are pain, inflammation, swelling and bleeding.

Minor wound can be treated and healed at home with home remedies. But if your wound is very deep and serious, do not hesitate to visit a professional doctor.

Here are five (5) simple but effective ways to heal minor wounds:

1. Garlic

The antimicrobial and antibiotic nature of garlic makes it  good for healing wounds.
Garlic is also good for reducing pain and bleeding.


To stop bleeding, clean the wound with water.
Grind the garlic cloves to make a fine garlic paste.
Now, apply the garlic paste on your wound.
The bleeding will quickly stop.

To heal your wound, make a fine paste by grinding garlic cloves.
Spread the paste on a piece of sterilized gauze.
Put the sterilized gauze over your wound.
Wrap a sterilized bandage around it.
Leave it on for twenty five (25) to thirty (30) minutes.
Wash it off with clean warm water.
Do this at least three (3) times daily.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric can help prevent infections and heal wounds because it's natural antibiotic and antiseptic properties.


To prevent bleeding, just apply tumeric powder directly on your wound.
To heal your wound, mix tumeric powder with linseed oil to form a fine paste.
Apply the paste on your wound.


Mix tumeric powder with hot milk.
After mixing it, drink it.
Do this before bed.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is good for treating wounds because of it's anti inflammatory, soothing and analgesic properties.


Cut aloe vera leaf and squeeze the gel out of it.
Clean the wound.
Apply the gel on your wound.
Leave it on for it to dry.
Wash it off with clean warm water.
Now, clean your wound with a dry towel.
Do this at least three (3) times a day until your wound heals completely.

Note: Scientific studies shows that aloe vera can slow down the healing process of surgical wounds.

4. Calendula

Calendula can speed up the healing process of your wounds because of it's antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties.


Grind fresh calendula flowers.
Extract the juice.
Apply the juice on your wound.
The juice must be applied on the wound at least three (3) times a day.


Buy calendula salves at any health food store near you.
Apply it on your wound.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is good for healing wounds because of it's antibacterial and anti inflammatory  properties. It can also help prevent infections.


Gently clean your wound.
Apply the coconut oil on your wound.
Cover it with a bandage to increase the moisture content in the skin.
Do this at least three (3) times a day.

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