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Thursday, 9 November 2017

12 Home Remedies for Headaches

Headache is one of the health problems that affects majority of people. It is very common these days.
There are three (3) main types of headaches.

Types of headaches
1. Migraine headaches
2. Tension headaches
3. Cluster headaches

Causes of headaches
There are so many causes of headaches. Some of the causes are;
1. Inadequate water in the body (dehydration).
2. Oversleeping.
3. Excessive drinking of alcohol.
4. Overstraining of the eye.
5. When the neck is overstrained.
6. Overuse of pain killers.
7. Excessive smoking.
8. When blood vessels constricts.
9. Inadequate sleep.
10. Inflammation of blood vessels in the head.

Most people normally goes for over-the-counter medicines which sometimes are mainly pain killers to get quick relief from headaches.
These pain killers do not actually cure headaches but rather reduces or removes the pain for just a period of time.
Pain killers also have side effects that is why some people actually prefer to use home remedies for getting rid of headaches. Most home remedies have no side effects.

Here are twelve (12) home remedies for a headache.

1. Water
Most of the headaches are caused by inadequate water in the body (dehydration).

Drink at least nine (9) to ten (10) glasses of water daily.

2. Ginger
Ginger can provide relief from headaches because of it's ability to  reduce inflammation of the blood vessels in the head.

Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and ginger juice.
Stir it well to obtain an even mixture.
Drink it at least once daily.
Mix one (1) tablespoon of dry ginger and three (3) tablespoon of water.
Stir it very well until a fine paste is obtained.
Apply the paste on your forehead.
Leave it on for about twenty five (25) minutes.
Wash it off with clean water.

3. Peppermint Oil
Peppermint oil is very effective for treating headaches because it contains menthol. And menthol is known for opening up blood vessels which causes headaches just because they are clogged.

Mix together a few drops of peppermint oil, one (1) tablespoon of olive oil and almond oil.
Massage your temples and forehead with the mixture.
Leave it on for some time.
Wash it off with water.
Crush few peppermint leaves.
Apply it on your forehead.
Leave it on for some minutes.
Wash it off.

4. Basil
Most headaches are caused by tense muscles and basil is known to be an effective muscle relaxant that is why it is said to be good for treating headaches.

Simply chew a few fresh basil leaves.
Mix basil oil with base oil.
Massage your forehead with the mixture.

5. Mint Juice
Mint juice can help treat headaches because it contains menthone and menthol.

Simply apply mint juice(which is can be extracted from mint leaves) on your forehead.

6. Lavender Oil
The soothing scent of lavender oil makes it good for relieving headaches.

Add three (3) drops of lavender oil to one (1) tablespoon of olive oil.
Mix it very well.
Now, massage your forehead with the mixture.
Simply pour some drops of lavender oil on a tissue and inhale it.

Note: Do not drink lavender oil. It is for external use only.

7. Ice Pack
Ice pack is known to be good for reducing inflammations and that makes it very effective for treating headaches caused by inflammation.

Simply apply an ice pack on the back of neck.
Dip a clean cloth in a cold water.
Put it on your head.
Leave it on for about four (4) minutes.

8. Cinnamon

Make a fine powder by grinding cinnamon sticks.
Now add small amount of water to the powder.
Stir it to obtain a thick fine paste.
Apply the paste on your temples and forehead.
Leave it on for about twenty five (25) minutes.
Wash it off.

9. Simple exercises.
Some simple exercises like stretching of the neck can help reduce headaches.

The neck should be bent sideways in the direction of each shoulder.
The chin should be moved downwards and upwards.
After moving chin downwards to upwards for some time, move it left and right.

10. Apples
Apples are effective for giving an individual a relief from headaches because apples are very good for balancing the acidity and the alkalinity levels of the body.

Eat some apples.
Just pour two (2) tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into one (1) glass of water.
Stir it to make sure it is evenly mixed.
Now drink it.

11. Rosemary
Rosemary oil can help treat headaches caused by inflammation because it contains an acid called rosmarinic acid which is known to possess some anti-inflammatory properties.

Add small amount of rosemary oil to one tablespoon of carrier oil.
Mix it very well.
Massage your temples and your forehead with it.

Note: Do not use rosemary oil if you are suffering from high blood pressure.

12. Cloves
The cooling properties of cloves makes them good for treating headaches.

Add a few drops of clove oil to one (1) tablespoon of carrier oil.
Stir it to obtain an even mixture.
Now, massage your forehead with the mixture.

Note: Please, consult a professional doctor if your headache is very severe and also happens frequently.


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