How hydroelectric power is generated

I am a Ghanaian so I would use the biggest Dam in Ghana which is the Akosombo Dam as an example to describe how hydroelectricity generation works.
I actually visited the Akosombo dam which is located in the Eastern region of Ghana with a friend from Austria to observe how electricity is been generated using water.

I learned a few things when we were moving around and I would really like share with you the loyal funs, readers and visitors of AwayCande.blogspot.com.
I heard the Akosombo lake that helps generate electricity is the Largest man made lake in the world.
One of the first turbines that was used at the Akosombo Dam.

The first turbines that was used to generate electricity at the Akosombo Dam were made by an Austrian company. To be frank, my friend was really happy to hear that, hahaha......
Enough with the long talk. Let's look at how hydroelectric power is generated using lake water;

1. The lake water is been directed to pass through big pipes.
This is been done to make sure the water  moves with enormous pressure.

2. The running water then turns designed round metals known as turbines.

3. The turbines are directly connected to huge generators so when they are been turned by the running or moving water, they help power up the generators to produce electricity.

4. The electricity generated by the generators then passes through certain transformers. These transformers are known as "Step Up Transformers".

From the Transformers, the electricity is then distributed through electric wires to the public.

The AwayCande Science team decided to simplify the whole procedure into a simple and accurate diagram below:

Anyone who visits Ghana should somehow try to check out the Akosombo Dam before he or she leaves.
If you actually need help about how to go about things or what you would have to do before you would be allowed to visit the Akosombo Dam, just contact us here.

Akosombo is actually a place where you can find fresh water fishes in Ghana because of the availability of both the Volta Lake and the Volta River. So hey don't forget to eat banku or fufu with tilapia or red fish when you visit there. My Austrian friend actually tried this:
That is banku with red fish and pepper. Yummy yummy...... Hahahaa.....

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