Do you know you Can Generate enough electricity with a Bicycle dynamo to charge your phone?

Yes, you can actually generate enough electricity power from a bicycle dynamo to charge your mobile phone.
The Bicycle Dynamo is a form of Generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
The moving bicycle tire turns a small wheel  that is situated on top of the small dynamo which I call a small turbine.
The small turbine which turns powers up the dynamo to produce electric power.

To charge your phone with a dynamo, follow the steps below;
1. Get a bicycle dynamo.

2. Connect the dynamo wires to an extension board or a socket or a Hub Dynamo USB Chargers.

3. Jack the bicycle up with a strong stand like how it is done in the picture below.

4. Connect your phone charger to your phone.

5. Plug the phone charger in the extension board or the socket. 
If you are using the Hub dynamo USB, it is very simple. Check the picture below

6. Sit on the bicycle.

7. Now paddle like the way you do ride your normal bicycle.

8. Paddle faster for some minutes because the more the bicycle tire turns the more electric energy is produced.

9. Now check if your phone is charging.

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