How To Convert Sunlight Into Electricity

The Sunlight that strikes the Silicon Semiconductor causes electrons to flow and create electricity.

The systems that are used to generate solar power actually mimicked that property which helps them to directly convert Sunlight into electricity or electrical energy.

Solar panels which are also known as Solar Modules produces Direct Current (DC) that passes through a power inverter to become an Alternating Current (AC). Alternating current (AC) is the type of current or electricity that can be used in our various homes, offices, companies etc. It is the same as the electricity that is been supplied by utility power companies.

There are exactly two (2) major types of Solar generating systems. The types are; 
1. Grid Connected system.
2. Stand-alone systesm

Now, let us discuss the types one after the other.
1. Grid connection Systems
The Grid Connection Systems are mostly the systems that are connected to the Commercial power Infrastructure.

2. Stand-alone Systems
The stand-alone Systems are usually the systems that feed electricity to facilities and batteries for immediate use and storage respectively.

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