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Thursday, 8 March 2018

8 dangerous effects of too much intake or drinking of alcohol.

Alcoholism simply means the addiction to the drug known as alcohol.
Heavy drinking is a very bad habit and can cause many diseases.

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The following are some dangerous effects of heavy drinking of alcohol: 

1. The heart may enlarge and become less powerful.

2. The liver cells may be destroyed, resulting in a very serious liver disease called cirrhosis. This kills many heavy drinkers. 

3. Stomach ulcers may develop. 
4. Brain cells are destroyed and memory can be seriously affected. 

5. Malnutrition may develop because heavy drinkers often lack interest in food.

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6. Heavy drinking can lead to crime and accidents, especially road accidents. 

7. It is expensive to drink. It may lead to problems because there wouldn't be  enough money for the family.

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8.Pregnant mothers who drink often have babies with small heads and below-normal intelligence. The children have distorted faces, poor eyesight and heart defects. 

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