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Thursday, 3 May 2018


1. Premature aging.
Smoking can can cause a lot of biochemical changes in the human body which may lead to an increase in the rate of aging process. An example of the biochemical change smoking can cause is the constriction of blood vessels which somehow affects the flow of oxygenated blood to the skin.

2. Sexual dissatisfaction.
Smoking can decrease or reduce the lubrication in ladies vagina during sexual intercourse. And also can reduce their ability to reach a complete orgasm.

3. Problem finding mate.
To be frank, most men do not like ladies who smoke heavily so a lot of these ladies ends up being single.

4. Tooth decay or Oral Cancer
It is known that, heavy smoking can lead to oral cancer or tooth decay.

5. Infertility
Women who smokes heavily normally experiences menstrual cycle abnormalities such as late period or total absence of menstruation.

6. Cervical and Breast Cancer
Women who smokes regularly can develop cervical or breast cancer at any age.

7. Early onset of menopause cycle
A woman could experience an early onset of menopause if she smokes heavily or regularly.

8. Weakens the heart.
Consistent smoking may cause high blood pressure and increase in rate of heartbeat. This causes the heart to overwork itself and in that process, it becomes so weak to the extent that it can no longer perform its functions efficiently. And that could lead to premature death.

9.  Smell of smoke on the individual.
A lady who smokes always smells like smoke. And I bet you, about 90 percent of guys who do not smoke will never go for a lady like that.

10. Decrease in Sexual desire

Smoking can decrease the sex hormone levels in women. This can possibly lead to the reduction in sexual desire.

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