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Monday, 25 June 2018

Effects of Marijuana (Cannabis) on Your Body

Marijuana also known as Cannabis can affect the brain in so many ways when an individual is really high on it or when it wears off after been smoked or taken into the body in any other way.

Marijuana is known to be good for relieving or alleviating long term pains.
Smoking marijuana can cause or increase problems associated to breathing.

Marijuana is obtained from dried flowers of a certain plant known as Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis are known to possess psychoactive effects. 

Cannabis contains more than five hundred (500) Chemical compounds. Some of which are known to be very dangerous to human health.
Some of the most vibrant chemical compounds in Cannabis are called cannabinoids. And some of these cannabinoids are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

THC also known as tetrahydrocannabinol is the most prominent psychoactive component in marijuana.
When Cannabis is smoked  in by an individual, the THC in it gets straight into the lungs. From the lungs, it moves straight into the bloodstream. 
Since the blood circulates around almost all the parts of the body, the THC then gets to the brain.

In the brain, it excites and stimulates the section of the brain which is responsible for  pleasure, sexual desires and food appetite.
The stimulation causes this section of the brain to release dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical responsible for the "high" that happens to an individual after smoking or taking in Cannabis or marijuana.
"High" in relation to Cannabis simply means the psychoactive effects of Cannabis.

Psychoactive effects of marijuana tend to vary based on the way it is taken in and the individual who takes it in.

The THC in Cannabis affects individual based on his or her personality, the way he/she took it in (that is if he or she smoked it or ate it).

The following are some common effects of THC on an individual who has smoked or taken in marijuana;
1. The individual will experience anxiety and euphoria.

2. It heightens the individuals senses.

3. Some feel really relaxed after smoking or taking in marijuana because of the THC in it.

4. The THC in marijuana can sometimes cause hallucinations.

5. It increases an individuals libido.

6. Raises an individual's interest in arts.

7. It pushes a person to think philosophically.

8. Makes an individual develop episodic memory.

9. Reduces stress.

CBD (cannabidiol) is another compound in Cannabis which somehow suppresses the effects caused by THC. They reduce any sort of anxieties.

Bad or negative effects of marijuana on an individual.
1. Marijuana can cause harm to an individual's memory.

2. It can negatively affect a person's attention span.

3. People who smokes or takes in marijuana always experience random but frequent coughs.

4. Pregnant women who smoke or take in marijuana tend to produce underweight babies.

5. The individual can experience severe panic attacks which could result in changes in blood pressure due to increase in his or her heart rate.


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  2. All this information is new for me, because I have never tried Cannabis. Thus, this post gave me a good opportunity to figure out what the effect it has.