Peterbalds: Origin, Appearance, Characteristics and How to take care of them

Peterbalds came about as a result of a breeding experiment carried out by Olga S. Mironova in the year 1994.

Peterbalds originated from St Petersburg, Russia, where the experimental breeding was carried out by Olga S. Mironova.
Peterbalds tend to have very slender body, an elongated narrow head, almond-shaped eye, webbed feet, a long tail and oval-shaped paws.

Important or basic things you should know about Peterbalds
  • They do possess a certain gene which causes hair loss.
  • Peterbalds are known to exhibit higher level of intelligence, energy, affection and curiosity.
  •  Peterbalds can sometimes be born bald or with a straight fur (coat).
  • They tend to develop harmonious and peaceful relationship with children, other cats and pets.

How To Care For Peterbalds
  • Bathing peterbalds at least once every one or two weeks would be enough to keep their skin healthy. And make sure you clean or wipe their body with towel after bathing them.
Note: do not let water enter into their ears when bathing them.
  • Their ears must be cleaned regularly because they do not have hairs in their ears to trap dirt.
  • Peterbalds teeth should be brushed or cleaned at least once or twice a day.
  • Their claws must be cleaned regularly.

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