Russian blue

Russian blues are breed of cats that are known to be hypoallergenic and also not or less prone to illnesses.
They tend to possess bright green eyes.

Other names
They are sometimes referred to as Archangel Blues or Archangel Cats.

They originated from Russia.

Basic characteristics
Russian blues are considered to be cats with very little genetic problems.
Russian blue cats tend to develop strong bonds with their owners.
They do possess short and dense coat. And the male cats are somehow larger in size than the females.
Their coat is thick and very soft to touch. 
They are known to have life expectancy of ten to twenty years.
Russian blue cats gestation period is somehow equivalent to sixty four (64) days.
They are known to produce less glycoprotein. Glycoprotein is what causes cat allergies so if they produce less, it surely means they would not affect people with cat allergies that much. They (people allergic to cats) would be affected anyways but it will be very less.
They are very curious breed of cats that tend to be very intelligent, friendly and very sensitive to human emotions. Because they possess sharp memories, they can sometimes remember the faces of familiar faces who normally visits their owners or their house.
They love playing fetch and also playing with toys because of their energetic nature. 
They are very good in hunting animals like rabbits, birds, rats etc.....

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