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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Savannah Cat

The first Savannah cat was produced through a crossbreeding done by Judee Frank on the 7th of April, 1986. The crossbreeding was done between a domestic cat (Siamese) and a male serval which was known to belong to Suzi Woods. 

Therefore, Savannah cats are hybrid breed of cats which came about as a result of a cross between a domestic cat and a serval (a wild African cat).
Each and every generation of Savannah cats is tagged or marked with a filial number. Savannahs that are produced as a result of direct serval/domestic cat cross are F1 and they tend to be fifty percent (50%) serval. Some of these F1 generation of savannahs can be as high as sixty two point five percent (62.5%) or seventy five (75%) serval.
F2 generation of Savannahs are twenty five percent (25%) to thirty seven percent (37.5%) serval.
F3  generation tend to be twelve percent (12.5%) Serval.

Female Savannahs are known to be smaller in size than the males.

They possess slender necks, short tails, fat noses, round and erected ears, long bodies. Their kittens tend to have blue eyes and their adults are known to have gold, brown or green eyes.
 Ocellican be found at the backs of their ears.

Certain Savannahs very friendly and can socialize well with people and other pets (such as dogs and cats).
Savannah cats tend to exhibit high jumping abilities.
Most of them are known to be less afraid of water so they do not care immersing themselves into water.

Laws in certain countries and cities which are about ownership of Savannahs.
Savannah cats that are more than five (5) generations can be owned in New York state but cannot be owned in the city of New York.

Savannahs are not allowed to be imported into Australia because their large size will put the countries local wildlife in jeopardy.
This ban was inflicted by the Australian Federal government.

In Canada, if you want to import a Savannah cat, it is supposed to be vaccinated against rabies. And some permits are also required.


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