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Monday, 16 July 2018

Conditions Commonly Treated By Gynecologists

A yearly visit to the gynecologist for screening is recommended. Symptoms like vaginal pain, abnormal release of blood from the uterus, pelvic and clitoris pain should be reported to the gynecologist as quickly as possible.

The following are conditions commonly treated by gynecologists:
1. Pregnancy and fertility issues.
2. Issues related to menstruation and menopause.
3. Issues related to family planning. Example, problems related to abortion.
4. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 
5. Polycystic ovary syndrome
6. Urinary tract infections
7. Problems related to the entire reproductive system. Examples are, fibroids, vaginal ulcers, ovarian cyst, etc.....
8. Endometrial hyperplasia and cervical dysplasia
9. Endometriosis
10. Abscesses
11. Sexual dysfunctions

In certain countries including the United states, gynecologists normally take care of both gynecology and general health issues. 
The following are some of the general health problems they often diagnose and treat:
1. Mood swings
2. Headaches
3. Asthma
4. Osteoporosis
5. Diabetes
6. Cardiovascular diseases
7. Hormonal disorders
8. Sexual assault
9. Psychiatric related issues.
10. Cardiovascular diseases

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