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Monday, 16 July 2018

Female Genital Sores: Causes and Diagnosis

Any kind of Lesion and bump located around the vagina is termed female genital sores.
Some basic symptoms of female genital sores include itching, pain and tenderness around the vagina. Some sore may not exhibit any sort of symptom.
Most female genital sores occur as a result of Sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Others on the other hand may be caused by skin disorders. 

The United States Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made it known that Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are hidden epidemic in the US. According to them, infected people tend to feel shy to come forward for appropriate treatments.

A female genital sore can sometimes be lethal so doctors have to examine them properly before prescribing any drug in order to avoid complicated outcomes.
It is important for the doctor to diagnose and tell the patient what really caused the sore so that If it was caused by STIs, it can be stopped from spreading to the patient's sexual partner or partners.

How to recognise a genetal sore.
Genital sores are bumps that are somehow small and red in colour.
Let us take a look at some of the basic symptoms of a genital sore:
1. Itching sensation around the vagina

2. Pain at the spot where the bumps are.

3. Burning sensation where the sore is located.

4. Pelvic pain.

5. Abnormal bleeding.

6. Pain during urination.

7. Pain during sexual intercourse.

Causes of female genital sore
There are countless potential situations that can cause genital sores. Some of these include, Skin disorders, an infected scratch, a cyst, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), etc.....

Certain chronic skin conditions such as vulvovaginitis, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, a cyst and skin cancer can all bring about genetal sores.

About 85% of genetal sores are caused by Sexually Transmitted infections. STIs can be spread through any type of sex and the use of an infected sex toy.

Chancroid, genital warts and herpes are some Sexually transmitted infections that can bring about genital sores.

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