Four (4) science related degrees that can get you the highest paying jobs in the UK

University or education itself as whole is quite expensive these days in the UK and almost everywhere so it is not all that bad  to know the degrees that can land you the  highest paying jobs after you've graduated from University.

The AwayCande science team has put together four (4) science related degrees that can land or get you the highest paying jobs in the United Kingdom.

1. Civil engineering degree
Civil engineers are number one on our list with an average pay of £44,851.
Jobs you land with a civil engineering degree include surveyor, civil engineer, site engineer, structural engineer etc......
The work of civil engineers include building of dams, big buildings, bridges, railroads etc....

2. Engineering degree
Second on our list is engineering. Their average pay is about £42,837.
By the way there is a huge difference between civil engineering and engineering.
Automotive engineer, patent officer, Aerospace engineer, Chemical engineer, construction engineer etc... are all jobs you can get with an engineering degree.

3. Computer science degree
Computer Science is number three on our list with an average pay of £41,950.
Systems administrator, Developer, IT Consultant and many more are  the jobs that can landed with a computer science degree in the UK.

4. Mechanical engineering degree
Mechanical engineers are the last on our list with an average pay of £39,106.
You can be employed to work as a Aerospace engineer, construction engineer, automotive engineer or defence engineer if you do have a mechanical engineering degree.

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