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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Hiccups: Causes, Simple Remedies And When To See A Doctor

Hiccups also referred to as hiccoughs are repeated involuntary actions which involves the contraction of the diaphragm. 

Hiccup is a very brief involuntary tremor of the full body or part of the body like the shoulder or the abdomen accompanied by a "hic" sound and can manifest individually or in bouts. The time gap between hiccups is known to be relatively constant.
Most hiccups tend to resolve themselves with or without any medical or artificial interventions. 
But chronic hiccups certainly requires intense medical intervention.

Some basic  treatment for hiccup  
1. Hold your breath for sometime when experiencing hiccups.
2. Swallow a few granulated sugar.
3. Drink a little bit of ice cold water.

Causes of hiccups.
Common hiccups can be set in motion by pathophysiological issues
Some of these pathophysiological issues include hiatal hernia, laughter, cough, excessive swallowing of air, gastroesophageal reflux, eating very rapidly, drinking alcohol, eating spicy foods, opiate drug usage, euphoria, anxiety, joy, fear, excitement etc.....

Certain hiccups on the other hand may be a sign of lethal medical issues
Dangerous health issues that can result in hiccups include Kidney failure, vagus nerve damage and central nervous system disorders such as stroke and meningitis.

When to see a doctor
Visit your doctor if your hiccup lasts for more than twenty four hours (24 hours).
Also, see a doctor if your hiccups are interfering with vital and necessary daily   activities like eating, sleeping, talking or breathing.

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