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Thursday, 19 July 2018

How to Feel Calm and Relaxed

Have you been experiencing a little bit of stress lately? Have you been boggling your mind with anxiety because of  an exam you are about to write, an upcoming interview or a speech you are about to deliver in front of a huge crowd? Don't worry, there are numerous ways you can eradicate those stress and anxieties and feel so relaxed and calm.

1. Stay hydrated always
Dehydration can result in so many unwanted health issues such as headaches, stress, depression and anxieties. 
I know you have heard or read from somewhere that, every human should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. It is not all that true, it is a complete health myth. Read my article on Common Health Myths debunked and you will surely understand what I am trying to say.
The more hydrated you are, the less stressed you would be. And the less stressed you are, the more relaxed and calm you would be. 
So hey, do not forget to drink water anytime you are thirsty!

2. Regular workout
Exercising consistently can help release stress. Practising exercises like swimming, running, biking etc... at least twice or thrice each and every week can help a lot.
Read my article on the Importance Of Workout (exercise).
A lot of stretching is quite good. It can help prevent muscle injuries during and after the vigorous exercises. 

3. Adore what you have.
Most stress are caused by the boggling of the mind with ideas about what we need,  what we want and what we feel should be done.
If you are always appreciative and grateful for certain things you have had or experienced, your mood and your inner most energy will glow significantly.
You can keep records of things you are truly grateful for in a small book and refer to it on days that you would be feeling so stressed and bored. It can really help you feel much more relaxed and less stressed.

4. Listen to music regularly.
Listening to music is unarguably one of the awesome ways to entertain yourself. It can help prevent stress, depression and anxiety.
The mind becomes so excited when you are listening to music. 
The truth is, everybody becomes so happy when they listen to music. So, hey, listen to music anywhere you find yourself at any convenient time whether in your bedroom, kitchen, in your car, during workout, in the bus, when walking or at your work place.

5. Positive thinking
Always see yourself competent and capable of executing any sort of task you set your mind to. 
Make sure you think about yourself in a positive way, always, it can help you manage and reduce your stress.

6. Taking deep breaths
Breathing in and out oxygen slowly can help decrease blood pressure terrifically and also can help you feel calm and very relaxed. 

7. Distracting yourself
Distracting yourself can help forget almost all of the unwanted thoughts your mind was been boggled with. There are countless ways you can distract yourself.
Spelling words from the end to the beginning, counting backwards from any number, let say 150 are all some ways you can distract yourself.

8. Don't you ever lose focus.
Focusing on task at hand and tasks ahead can help keep your mind so occupied hence there will be no space for stress and anxieties in your mind.

9. Practice Yoga.
Yoga is widely known to be good for decreasing stress. 
Yoga can help boost your inner energy and decrease insomnia. It can sometimes help bring down any sort of chronic pain.
You won't regret practising Yoga because it will erase your stress and also help improve your health significantly.

10. Avoid too much caffeine and alcohol intake.
Read more: Effects of too much alcohol intake
Excess intake of alcohol and caffeine is known to result in dehydration. And dehydration is known to increase stress and anxiety.
Excess caffeine can also increase the heart rate which can therefore result in stress and unnecessary anxieties.
Those who take alcohol to avoid stress and anxieties should stop because it is very lethal. When the alcohol wears off, the stress you would experience will be far more greater than the one you experienced before you took the alcohol.

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