Raw Facts About Army Ants

Writing about army ants was quite easy, amazing and effortless because I have been seeing them since I was a kid. 

And when we went to study and observe them further in the forest, an unexpected rain fell and it was just intriguing. I took a short video of it.
You can watch  it on our Facebook page. 

In Ghana, there are different names for army ants due to the numerous languages been spoken in the country.
The Kotokoli people call them Tiwa, Krobos call them Lowiha and in Twi, they are referred to as Nkrane

Other scientific names for army ant are;
1. Legionary ant
2. Marabunta

Army ants belongs to the family, Formicidae. 
Several New World army ants tend to be part of the subfamily Ecitoninae. 

Ecitoninae is divided into two different tribes known as Cheliomyrmecini and Ecitonini. 
Army ants do not normally build permanent nests. But rather builds a living nest with their body. This nest is called a bivouac.

The army ants build this ball-like nest by holding onto each others legs. Biologically, their nest is structured in a way that, it can stand any kind of uncertainties.

Let us take a look at how workers, queens and soldiers operates together to form  bivouac.
The young female workers are normally found in the interior part of the nest whiles the old female workers are on the exterior of the nest. 
The soldiers are known to defend the nest and fight against any sort of lethal external source. So they often emerge on the outer part of the nest when a danger is sensed.
The bivouac always has various sections for the queen, eggs and food.

Facts about the Army Ants Workers, Soldiers, Males and Queens.

Army ants worker caste's  are normally made up of sterile female worker ants.

The workers of army ants are smaller in size than the soldiers. The soldiers mandibles are also much larger on size than that of the workers.
Army ants soldiers are the protectors of the colony. They also aide in the moving of heavy preys into the bivouac.

Army ants males posses a cylindrical abdomen. 
Males normally flies away as soon as they are been given birth to, to search for a queen they can mate with.
The males are sometimes referred to as Sausage ants or Sausage flies due to their huge sizes.

True colonies of army ants do have just a queen.
Army ants queens do have cylindrical abdomen and wings.
Queens can produce about four to five million eggs in just a month.

Things that army ants dislike.
Army ants hate fire to the extent that, they tend to run away so fast from an environment where they can feel a little heat from a fire.

Salt is one of the compounds that army ants hate so much.

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