The abuse of tramadol is literally one of huge problems Ghana is facing right now. The youth are so much into it to the extent that they do not even realize its side effects until it is too late. Anyone who has ever taken in the drug has his or her own perception or opinion about the way it works. Some are saying it boosts their strength and make them last longer in bed. Others on the other hand, are saying it gives them enormous strength and energy to perform both simple and complex daily activities.

According to some experience doctors, there are countless side effects of this drug known as tramadol. I watched a program on GH One TV which was about how to stop tramadol abuse in the country. And the way most of the people they interviewed were all saying they have tried it once or more was really bad and alarming.  To be honest, Ghana needs to stand up and eliminate this awful threat.

Individuals who are addicted to these drugs are people we know, school mates, co workers, peers, friends, relatives and neighbours. So let us stand together as a nation and spread the news in order to help those who are already addicted to withdraw from it use and also prevent innocent people from even trying it.

The following are some basic characteristics of a person who is addicted
  • Strange behaviour without the drug. 
They tend to exhibit certain undesired behaviours when they do not have the drug and are in desperate need of it. Some may even try to steal just to get money to buy the drug. Others do sell their belongings in order to obtain the drug.

  • They always crave for more of the drug. 
The more they take in the drug, the larger the doses. They increases the doses as time goes on in order to feel it effects like how they used to when they were taking lesser dose.

  • They normally feel so down without the drug. Some may even break down totally or feel so ill without the drug.

  • An individual who has overdosed tramadol can experience irregular heartbeat, seizure or decreased size of the pupil.

Ways you can help an individual who is addicted to tramadol.
Introduce the individual to a doctor who is experienced enough with issues concerning drug abuse and addiction.

Let the person know that the drug has dangerous side effects. Some of these side effects are loss of appetite, nausea, tremulousness, dry mouth, headache, diarrhea, sweating, fever, hallucinations, rapid heartbeat, agitation, defficulty sleeping, difficulty sleeping etc….

Do not neglect an addicted individual. Make them know that they are also part of the society so that they would respect and accept any good advice you would give them.

Let the individual know that the prolong use of the drug can result in a decline functioning of the cognitive domain.

Lastly, let them know that withdrawal from tramadol is very difficult  because they may experience depression, hallucinations,  agitation, paranoia etc…. but as soon as it is over, they would really feel proud of themselves and the big step they took.

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