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Top 5 jobs for biology degree majors

Are you always amazed by living things? Are you really good in the branch of science known Biology? Have you been wondering about what you can possibly do with a biology degree after graduating from university?

The truth is, biology is very fascinating and acquiring a degree in it will surely draw you closer to certain amazing career possibilities.

We have put together the top five (5) career options for a biology major.

1. Biological Technician
Certain laboratory skills and techniques learnt by biology majors equips them with the needed knowledge to function efficiently in this line of work.

Their work includes documentation of accurate results and carrying out of calculations.

2. Biochemist
Biology major provides individuals in this line of work with the required scientific knowledge to produce far more improved products.
The relevant information biochemists acquire about physiology and anatomy heightens their knowledge on how the human body reacts to biotechnology and drug remedies.

3. Health Educator
Health educator educates people about desired behaviours that brings about good health.
Health educators must exhibit higher skills in communication and writing because they normally write and talk about topics such as sex education, drug abuse, stress management and nutrition.

4.Genetic Counselor
Individuals in this field of work looks in to their clients genetic makeup and discusses with them about the risk of genetic disabilities or diseases to their offsprings.

5. Health Communications Specialist
A health Communications Specialist job is to educate individuals in communities about common health issues such as healthy living, personal hygiene, communicable diseases etc.....
To be a health communications specialist, you have to acquire an impeccable interpersonal and writing skills because a health Communications Specialist's job often requires them to talk to great number of audience about subjects or topics which relates to human health and diseases associated to humans.

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