Top 7 chemistry jobs

Are you good in the chemistry aspect of Science in School? Have you been asking yourself which course you would like to pursue in university which relates to chemistry? Or the kind of job you would like to do after completing a chemistry related course. Do not worry, you are at the right place. We have put together certain amazing chemistry careers that can help you make a good and bold decision in your intriguing endeavours.

Chemistry is the in depth study of structural and compositional properties of compounds and materials.

Let's take a look at some amazing chemistry careers out there;

1. Forensic Science Technician
One major work of a Forensic scientist is evidence collection and analysis during a crime investigation.
They are sometimes needed in laboratories to perform Chemical analysis.
Just a bachelor's degree in Forensic science can land you a laboratory work.

2. Chemist
To attract more attentions in this field, you need at least a master's or a doctorate degree.
Chemists develops efficient products and materials for the betterment of life.

3. Chemistry Educator
As a chemistry educator, with the help of your chemistry knowledge, you can educate individuals who are in the post - secondary education level. Example of a post secondary education level is a university or college. A Ph.D is required in order to be able to impart knowledge at any post secondary education institution.

4. Chemical Engineer
Chemical engineering is the fusion of the known principles of chemistry and engineering to eliminate problems.
Chemical engineers can be employed to work in the petroleum industry, drug industry, food industry or in any kind of manufacturing industry.

5. Environmental Scientists
This field is focused on the betterment of the environment.
They help reduce the effects of various dangerous environmental  pollutions.
To be taken seriously in this line of job, you would need a bachelor's degree.

6. Biochemistry
Biochemistry is the study of  living organisms genetic makeup and how they grow and develop. A doctorate degree in this field can land you a research and development work.

7. Medical Scientist
Chemistry has a lot of impact on the  pharmaceutical industries. Developing new drugs is normally done by medical scientists. To enjoy being a medical Scientist, you should at least obtain a master's or Ph.D degree.

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