Top five (5) best universities To Study Physics

1. Princeton University
Princeton University was Founded in the year 1746. In the US, it is ranked the fourth oldest higher education institution.
Princeton university's department of physics is known for it impeccable way of moulding its students into scientific thinkers and problem solving skilled individuals who see physics as part of them and their society.
They offer programmes such as biophysics, computational biology, engineering physics, etc......

2. Harvard University
In the year 1636, Harvard University was established. It is the oldest in the United states so far as higher learning institution is concerned.
Harvard university has  flexible course structure for undergraduates.  And undergraduates, independently  can carry out research projects. And in certain classes, undergraduates could be allowed to be teaching assistants.

3. Stanford University
Stanford University was established by Leland and Jane Stanford in the year, 1885.
Almost half of the population of undergraduates of Stanford university engage in not less than one physics course.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT has been and still is the highest producer of physics graduate than any other known university in the United states of America. 
It was founded in the year, 1861.
Technology enabled active learning is educational initiative adopted by MIT physics department to teach freshman physics courses.

5. University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge was founded in the year 1209 in Cambridge, England.
Certain great Scientists have been somehow associated to this university. Some of these Scientists are Rutherford, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking etc......
  Universities in the United states of America allows undergraduates to state their majors after their first two semesters but University of Cambridge in the United kingdom is quite opposite. They require undergraduates to apply straight up for a specific degree course.

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