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Thursday, 23 August 2018

13 Simple Ways to Lose Belly fat.

Excess belly fat does not just result in fat bellies and chunky bodies, it also inflicts countless negative impact on human health.
Some of the negative impact it can have on human health include heart diseases, diabetes and many more.
Belly fat is scientifically known as visceral fat.
Losing belly fat can be quite difficult but nothing is impossible. According to certain scientific research, the following are some effective ways excess belly fat can be decreased significantly:

1. Practice aerobic exercise (cardio)
This type of exercise is one of the best as far as getting rid of abdominal fat is concerned. It also comes along with major known and unknown health benefits.
Read my article on AEROBIC EXERCISE.
This exercise should be carried out frequently and consistently in order to obtain the maximum health benefits from it. The consistency of aerobic exercise (cardio) is quite more important than its intensity.

2. Stay away from alcohol!
Alcohol is one of the most harmful and dangerous substances on earth that can cause harm to almost any part or organ of the human body. In fact, alcohol is the cause of most ''excess belly fat'' situation in most people.
Whether you are someone who does a lot of exercise or eat the best foods on the planet, if you drink too much alcohol, you would surely develop excess belly fat.
People who take in too much alcohol do not just gain belly fats, they gain excess fat around the waist too. That is what is normally known as obesity. It is quite evident in our societies nowadays.
Staying completely away from alcohol is the best way to prevent or reduce abdominal fat.

3. Frequent drinking of green tea.

Green tea is known to have tons of health benefits, now guess what, one of those benefits is its ability to speed up the reduction of belly fats.
There are two major substances in green tea that gives it, its intriguing health benefits. The two substances are EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) and caffeine. They normally help improve metabolism which results in the fast reduction of belly fat.

4. Frequent eating of fatty fish can be helpful.
Fatty fish are loaded with great amount of omega 3 and most importantly protein. Those nutrients is scientifically known to shield an individual from deadly diseases. 
Eating those fish can help to significantly decrease any amount of visceral fat due to omega they contain.
According several scientific studies, fish oil supplements can help decrease liver and belly fat.
Some of the well known fatty fishes include sardines, mackerels, herrings and salmon.

5. Practice weight lifting.
Weight lifting can very effective in getting rid of belly fats. It can also help to
Resistance training, also known as weight lifting or strength training, is important for preserving and gaining muscle mass.
Fatty liver disease, type 2 diabetes and prediabetes  are all diseases that can be eliminated with energetic weight lifting. Weight lifting can also help eliminate belly fat.
Make sure you visit a professional trainer who is certified of course, for relevant and important advice and tips before you start lifting weights.

6. Use coconut oil instead of cooking fats.
If you are talking about healthy fats, you cannot afford to leave coconut oil out of it.
Coconut oil consumption can improve metabolism and also reduce the quantity of fat your body reserve with respect to high calorie intake.
The health amazing qualities of coconut oil makes it one of the best remedy for losing abdominal fat.
To lose weight faster by using coconut oil, take atleast one or two tablespoons of coconut oil each and every day.

7. Reduce or avoid carb intake
Avoiding carb intake can be very helpful in getting rid of belly fat (abdominal fat).
In most cases of too much abdominal fat situations, too much carb intake was the main cause.
If you cannot simply avoid carb intake, just eat unprocessed starchy carbs instead of refined carbs. This can help improve metabolism and also reduce abdominal fat.
If you really want to reduce abdominal fat then you just might want to stay from refined carbs.

8.  Practice intermittent fasting.
Intermittent fasting is known to be very effective for losing belly fat and overall body weight.
It is a kind of eating that revolves or rotates within eating and fasting periods.
There are several intermittent fasting methods. Some of those methods include fasting twenty four hours (24 hours) at least twice or thrice every week or fasting 12 hours each and every day.
It will be a little bit difficult when you begin practising intermittent fasting but as time goes on, you would get use to it. It is not easy, nothing is easy but perseverance and consistency can help you sail through it smoothly.

9. Avoid stress.
Stress has been one of the prominent causes belly fat. Stress pushes the adrenal glands to produce stress hormone (cortisol) which increases belly fat. The higher your cortisol levels, the greater your appetite for food will become. And the grosser your appetite for food becomes, the more your belly fat would become.
Women with large waist are known to release more cortisol when they are under little or intense stress. 
The best way to release stress is to free your mind off any negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones of course. Or practice yoga. You can also engage yourself interesting activities that will fill your mind with pure excitement.

10. Eat foods that contain significant amount of protein.
Vast amount of proteins in the human system of individuals who are possessing fat bellies can helpful in reducing the abdominal fat.
The protein does this by increasing metabolism and also putting the muscles in a good shape when the body is undergoing weight loss in order to reduce abdominal fat.
Foods that contain significant amount of protein include fish, eggs, dairy, beans, fatless meat and many more.

11. Stay completely away from foods that contain great amount of sugar.
In most cases where people have developed too much belly fats, it is as a result of too much intake of sugary foods. And also, when too much fructose in sugar is taken in, it is known to cause heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and many more.
In order to lose belly fat, you should stay away from foods like low fat yogurts, BBQ sauce, ketchup, fruit juice, spaghetti sauce, sports drinks, chocolate milk, granola, flavoured coffee, iced tea, protein bars, vitamin water, cereal bars, canned fruit, canned baked beans, bottled smoothies, packaged fruit juice and soda, breakfast cereal, cup cakes, candy bar, jelly beans.
Staying away from those foods just don't only reduce belly fat, it also improves your overall body health.

12. Stay away from foods that contain great amount of trans fats.
Trans fats are formed when hydrogen is introduced into unsaturated fats.
Certain spreads and margarines sometimes contains trans fats.
Too much trans fat intake do not just cause an increase in abdominal fat, it also causes heart disease and many other dangerous health issues.
In order to prevent an increase in abdominal fat, simply stay away from foods that contain trans fats. Make sure you check the labels of products for trans fat before you buy.

13. Frequent intake of soluble fiber.
Soluble fiber is known to be very helpful in reducing abdominal fats. It helps with the swift movement of food in the oesophagus and  intestines. It simply improves digestion.
It makes you eat less hence improves weight loss and also reduces abdominal fats with no negative effects.

Eating  foods that contain higher levels of fiber at least thrice a week can be very helpful. Food that contains higher levels of fiber include avocados, legumes, flaxseed, blackberries and many more.

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