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Thursday, 2 August 2018

5 Health benefits of dark chocolate

Dark chocolates are known to contain colossal amount of important nutrients.

According to certain scientific studies, dark chocolates are very rich in antioxidants and can significantly improve how most of the important parts of the human body function or operate.

The following are five intriguing health benefits of dark chocolate:

1. Colossal Antioxidant source

Dark chocolate contains enormous amounts of antioxidants. Some of these antioxidants are flavonols, catechins and polyphenols.

Antioxidants comes along with vast amount of health benefits. 

One of the health benefits of antioxidants is that, they improve heart health.

2. Improves the flow or circulation of blood

Dark chocolate intake pushes the endothelium to release nitric oxide due to the flavanols in it.

Nitric oxide enhances the circulation of blood. This can help prevent unnecessary blood pressure.

3. Improves the functioning of the human brain.

This is one amazing reason why anyone should try eating dark chocolates at least once in a while.

Chocolates contain high level of certain nutrients that aid in the efficient flow of blood to the brain. 

4. Decreases heart disease risk.

There are certain substances in dark chocolates which can help reduce excessive blood pressure and also prevent any sort of disease that is associated to the arteries. Prevention of all those disease and lowering of the blood pressure can probably reduce heart disease risk.

So hey, consuming a little bit of chocolate once in a while isn't that bad.

5. Reduces Low density Lipoprotein cholesterol

Dark chocolate intake can help decrease low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels. 

Low density lipoprotein (LDL) is sometimes referred to as bad cholesterol.

Flavonols in chocolates is known to reduce bad cholesterol levels and also improve blood circulation.

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