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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Deep forehead wrinkles shows how likely you can die from dangerous heart disease [According to researchers in France].

The typical and basic idea we all have about manifestation of forehead wrinkles is that, they show individuals that, they are old or getting old.

I felt so surprised when I was reading an article about a study conducted by researchers in France on how forehead wrinkles might be a signal of heart disease risk.

I guess our basic idea about forehead wrinkles is not all that wrong but there is more to it than we have ever thought.

According to the research, people with several deep forehead wrinkles which is not normal for their age, are very likely to die from a lethal heart disease as compared to those without any.

According to the study authors, if additional research supports the findings, then, identifying heart disease risk would be very easy and also cost very less since just a little gaze at an individual's forehead wrinkles can show if he or she is prone to heart disease.

The researchers found a direct association between forehead wrinkles and heart disease risk but according to them, it does not necessarily mean that  forehead wrinkles specifically and strictly mean an individual has a heart disease.

Even though deep forehead wrinkles cannot indicate what will actually cause the heart disease for example high blood pressure, it is a dangerous and a delicate sign that must not be played with.

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