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Friday, 17 August 2018

Did you accidentally get pepper into your eyes? This is what you are suppose to do.

Did you mistakenly or accidentally get pepper into your eye when you were cooking in the kitchen or when you were eating a food that contains pepper.
There are countless ways to alleviate the pain and neutralize the pepper oil that causes the burning sensation whenever the eye comes into contact with pepper.

Note: Capsaicin in pepper is what actually causes the burning sensation to the eye whenever pepper comes into contact with the eye.

Let us talk about a few of those ways:

1. Pouring water on your feet.
I know you are asking yourself right now that, what is this person talking about? How can pouring water on the feet remove pepper from the eye?
This may sound surprising and odd but it truly works efficiently. In Ghana, most people use this remedy to alleviate pain when pepper enters into their eye.
I am still searching for the scientific reason behind that.

2. Washing your eye with clean water.
Flushing the eye with great amount of water or opening your eye in a bowl of water can be really helpful in removing the pepper oil from the eye hence alleviating the pain.

3. Using milk.
Flush your eye with the milk or pour the milk in a glass. Open your eye in the milk and make sure it surely washes away or neutralises the pepper oil.

4. The use of Saline Solution.
Flushing the eye with Saline Solution is known to be quite helpful and very efficient in removing a pepper's oil from the eye.

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