Finally, the spaghetti mystery has been solved by MIT mathematicians.

Breaking a dry spaghetti noodle into just two equal or unequal halves is almost not possible. You can try breaking a dry spaghetti noodle at home and you would realize what I am really talking about.

A study conducted by certain mathematicians from MIT  have shown the reason and the way a dry spaghetti noodle can be broken into two fragments.

Certain France physicists came out with a theory which is about the forces that acts when a spaghetti or any thin long rod is bent.
According to their theory, a stick will break close to the centre where it is most curved if it is bent evenly from both ends.
That theory won the 2006 lg Nobel Prize.
But no one knew how to force a dry spaghetti noodle to break into two until now. 

 A way to break spaghetti into two through bending and twisting has been found according to certain MIT researchers. A specially designed apparatus was used during the experiment.
According to the team,  twisting of the stick past a certain critical degree and bending it in half will cause it to break into two.

The project was carried out by two brilliant students namely Ronald Heisser and Visual Patil.
Norbert Stoop and Emmanuel Villermaux  are their co-authors. 
Read more on MIT News.

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