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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Getting rid of stomach ache and pains with just salt and wood ash.

Stomach pain can be really unbearable and extremely painful. The pains and aches may be as a result of stomach ulcers or other kinds of dangerous health problems or issues.

No matter how severe a stomach pain is,  this simple home remedy can effectively help ease the pain in no time.

Let us take a look at some of the things you would need in preparing the medicine:
1. Wood ash
2. Salt
3. Water
4. A bowl
5. A cup

The steps involved in preparing the medicine include:
1. Measure half a cup of the wood ash and pour it in the bowl.
2. Add a moderate amount of salt to the wood ash.
3. Pour a full cup of water into the bowl which contains the wood ash and salt.
4. Stir it for some time in order to make the salt dissolve faster.
5. Leave the set up alone for some minutes so that the wood ash will settle leaving a little bit of water on top.

6. Pour the water on top into your cup leaving the wood ash behind.
7. Drink the water you poured into the cup.

Your pain will wear off in no time.
 It is probably safe with no lethal side effects.

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