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Friday, 3 August 2018

How to keep mosquitoes away with orange peels.

Mosquitoes apparently, can be very lethal, disturbing and so much annoying.

A side their painful bites, they can also transmit the parasite which is scientifically known to cause the deadly malaria disease into humans blood. Malaria kills millions of people each and every year. 

Mosquitoes are literally, one of the deadliest flies out there so keeping them away from your vicinity is actually a good idea.
Most of the ways people keep them away from their various homes can sometimes come along with unhealthy side effects.

Using orange peels to keep mosquitoes away from your home does not come along with any sort of side effects. In fact, it is environmentally friendly.

Let us take a look at how you can use orange peels to protect our vicinity from lethal mosquitoes:
1. Get some orange or lemon peels.

2. Cut them into smaller pieces.

3. Dry it on the sun in order to remove its moisture content.

4. Now, burn the dry orange peels in fire so that its smoke can be emitted into the atmosphere.

Mosquitoes tend to run far away whenever they smell sense the scent of smoke coming from a burnt orange peels.

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