Relevant facts about Bull Sharks (Also known as the Zambezi sharks)

Bull Sharks are very aggressive sharks which are often found in coastal shallow waters and Freshwaters like rivers and estuaries.

In Africa, a bull Shark is normally referred to as Zambezi shark.  

Thy belong to the kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, class chondrichthyes, order carcharhiniformes, family carcharhinidae, Genus carcharhinidae and species C. leucas.

Bull Sharks does well in both fresh and salty waters. They are known to cause most of the shark attacks that often happens near shores.
They have been linked to countless  lethal shark attacks around the globe.

Other names of the bull Shark
Fitzroy Greek whaler
Freshwater whaler
Swan River whaler
Estuary whaler
Shovelnose shark.
Cub shark
Ganges River shark

Size, length and weight of the male and female bull sharks.
The male bull Sharks are quite smaller in size than the females.
At birth, the bull Shark's length could be about 80 cm.

The length of the female adult bull sharks is about 2.4 metres. They often weight around 130 kilogrammes.
The length and weight of the adult bull shark males are known to be 2.25 metres 95 kilogrammes respectively.

The colour of the bull shark's upper and lower parts are grey and white respectively.

Note: Bull sharks are very aggressive in nature.

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