Rhinoceros or simply "rhino" is a herbivorous animal that has a very thick skin and also possess horns on top of their nose.

They belong to the kingdom Animalia, phylum Chordata, class Mammalia and order Perissodactyla.

Apparently, there are five species of rhinoceros. Two and three extant species are known to be native to Africa and Southern Asia respectively.

Uses of their hones
Certain cultures uses the horns of rhinoceros for ornament. Others use it for medicine.

Facts About rhinoceros
1. Rhinoceros that do possess two horns are the Sumatran rhinoceros and the African species. The ones with just one horn are the Javan and Indian rhinoceros.

2. The weight of their brains falls within the range of about four to six hundred grammes.

3. In the wild, rhinos which are matured enough do not have any known predators. However, the younger ones tend to be sometimes preyed on by animals like hyaenas, big cats etc.....

4. One of the immediate biggest mammals after elephants are the rhinoceros. 

5. The rhino species in Africa are known to lack front teeth hence plucking of food is always done with their lips.

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