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Monday, 6 August 2018

The negative impact of fufu machines on the quality and healthiness of fufu in Ghana

About seventy out of hundred Ghanaians would pick fufu as their favourite food but the use of machines instead of the wooden mortar and pestle in pounding the fufu is really raising a lot of health concerns.

According to a research AwayCande conducted, it seem most doctors are not in support of the use of machines in pounding fufu because they think that, some metal pieces from the fufu machine normally mixes with the fufu during the grinding of the cassava.
Most people have also complained of seeing pieces of metals in their fufu after it was grinded in the machine.
To we scientists, technology is very important to us because it reduces the use of too much human energy. But a form of technology that comes with dangerous health risks is not really a complete or relevant technology.

According to some women, the fufu pounded in a machine does not possess the quality taste as compared to the ones pounded in the wooden mortar with a wooden pestle.

I am not saying the use of machines should be stopped. All I am trying to say is, the quality of the machines should be really improved and checked before used to grind the cooked cassava in order to produce a healthy fufu for consumption. 

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