Thoroughbreds are a breed of horse that are tall, slim, athletic in nature and are also well recognised for their impeccable capabilities in horse racing.
Their agility, boldness and speed makes them one of the hot-blooded horse breeds out there.

Thoroughbreds originated from England.

Thoroughbreds are characterized by a chiseled head situated on top of a long neck, a lean body, a short back and an athletic long legs.

At maturity, a thoroughbred's height can be about sixty two to sixty eight inches.

Disciplines thoroughbreds are good at.
Racing is not the only discipline  thoroughbreds are really good for. They can perform well in fox hunting, polo, show jumping and many more.

Their color include chestnut, black, gray, roan and dark brown.

Note: On the first of January and August of every year, thoroughbreds born in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere respectively, are considered one year older. This is to promote the standardisation of horse disciplines with respect to age groups.

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