2 Main Reasons Why Africa Is Lagging behind In Science And Technology.

I wrote this article in a Ghanaian perspective since I am from Ghana. The issues I am about to raise  may not  be happening in Ghana alone; it may be happening in other African Countries as well since almost all African countries operate in the same way as far as science and technology is concerned.

What I always tell anyone including my science students is that, science and technology is not peaking or improving in Africa due several unimportant and excuse me to say, unreasonable reasons.

I hope every African including Scientists and heads of various great science institutions in Africa, are reading this.

I have put together two major defendable points that I think is the main reason why Africa is severely Lagging behind in terms of science and technology is concerned.

The reasons are as follows:

1. Poor education system.
You know, anytime I talk to foreigners about what they think about the African education system, they always say that, it is too bookish.
Science is taught by individuals or teachers who has no practical knowledge about majority of the experiment-required science topics they teach.
Most topics that are supposed to be taught practically are always illustrated on the blackboard.

When I was in Senior High School, our biology teacher taught us "how to test for a starch in a leaf" on a chalkboard. Just imagine that!

During a volunteer program which involves teaching with a friend from Germany in a certain school in Ghana, we performed a scientific experiment on flowers of a plant with some Junior High School students and surprisingly, that was their first since they started schooling! How do you expect such students to become great scientists in the future.

2. Africans do not appreciate their own.
 An African from Ghana recently started manufacturing cars in Ghana and I thought each and every African will start promoting and appreciating these cars since they were made by an African on African soil but surprisingly, it is not like that. I recently read an article written by an African on a certain blog and it was just awful. In the article, the person wrote so many negative and unthinkable things.

Secondly, there are so many gifted and intelligent Scientist in Africa but they are actually not getting enough support or funds from the government and citizens to facilitate their experiments and research.
Most of them end up in Europe and the United States since that is where they will be appreciated and given enough funds in support of their research and experiments.

Africa can become a great science and technology hub if  governments of the various African Countries start to appreciate and fund science and technology projects.