Animals have as much right to live as humans ( Say no to poaching )

My heart was filled with unmeasurable and unbearable pain and absolute anger after reading an article on the BBC news website about how dozens of elephants were found dead near a wildlife sanctuary in Botswana with their tusks removed.

In just three months, five rhinos were also reported to have been poached.

Botswana is known to be the country with the highest population of elephants in the world but with what we have been hearing nowadays, it seem these elephants are in great jeopardy than we have ever thought due to the alarming rate of poaching recorded lately.

According to what I read, the disarming of the anti-poaching unit is what really led to the high number of elephant poaching in recent times. 

According to Dr Mike from the surveyors known as "Elephants without borders'', this amount of elephant poaching is the highest ever recorded in Africa at the moment.
 Also in Tanzania, a 2015 census carried out showed that, the country has lost about sixty percent (60%) of its elephants in just five years.

Africa is known to be blessed with wide range of different animal species, the forestry, the landscape and the varieties of plant species. Most foreigners visit Africa  just to look at some of the well known animals. Others visit the continent just to conduct researches on these animals. All these and many others serves as a source of income to the African continent. But it seem these animals are on the brink of extinction due the unnecessary poaching. 

I think the government of every country should try as much as possible to form anti-poaching units in order to prevent poaching worldwide.

Animals are very important so, say no to poaching in order to maintain the perfect image of not just Africa but the world as a whole!

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