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Monday, 24 September 2018

Are E-cigarettes Good Or Bad?

The serious debate on whether electronic cigarette (often referred to as e-cigarette) is harmful or not to the human health is causing quite a serious wave on various media outlets and huge discussions and arguments in various societies across the globe.

People are really confused actually because 50% of the researches that have emerged suggest that e-cigarettes are bad; the remaining 50% of the researches on the other hand  suggest otherwise.

I took my time to read through several researches; it helped me to put together some of the harms and benefits of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes).

Benefits Of E-cigarettes.

1. E-cigarettes are less dangerous to the human health than regular cigarettes.
The normal or regular cigarettes kills over 500,000 people almost every year.
Smoking regular cigarettes can literally increase your risk of premature aging due to the free radicals in the smoke of the cigarettes.
According to a research, smoking can apparently decrease an individual's life span by ten years.

Cigarettes often emits carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and tar which are known to be environmentally unfriendly.

What makes regular cigarettes more dangerous than e-cigarettes is the tar they produce or release whenever they are been smoked.

2. E-cigarettes can help an individual quit smoking real quick and easy.
Most researchers has supported or backed  the idea that, e-cigarettes can help a person quit smoking; others on the hand has been do not support that idea.

The Downside or Harms Of E-cigarettes.

1. The nicotine in e-cigarettes is very lethal as far as health is concerned.
The nicotine in e-cigarettes can cause diabetes and attention deficit disorder.

2. Most e-cigarettes contain diacetyl which are known cause bronchiolitis obliterans.

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