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Sunday, 2 September 2018

Back pain: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Almost everyone on this planet experience back pain from time to time. It affects output of work in almost every job since the individual cannot concentrate on his or her job due to the intense and unbearable pain.

Back pain may be as a result of injuries, activities or certain negative health issues. Back pain affects almost anyone irrespective of your age. Lower back pain is quite common in aging people.
Upper back pain often affect individuals with spine inflammation.

Types of back pain
There two main types of back pain.
1. Acute back pain (it lasts for a maximum of seven weeks)
2. Long term or chronic back pain ( it lasts for long period of time)

1. Certain negative health issues associated to the spine can lead to severe back pain. One those health problems is osteoporosis.

2. Ineffective functioning of a ligament, muscle or bone in the human back can result in back pain.

3. Bad posture is widely known to cause most back pain cases.

4. A muscle tension, muscle spasm and muscle strain can result in back pain.

5. Improper lifting of heavy loads.

6. The rupturing of the disks around the vertebra in the spine of an individual can inflict enormous amount of pressure on his or her nerve. Pressure on a nerve can bring about back pain.

7. A bulging disk can also place an intense pressure on an individual's nerve which can lead to back pain.

8. Osteoarthritis is widely known to cause lower back pain.

9. Spinal stenosis which is the narrowing of the space around a spinal cord can also bring about severe back pain.

10. Scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine) is known to cause back pain.

11. Osteoporosis (the situation where bones becomes very porous).

12. Problems associated to the kidney, example kidney stones can bring about back pain. 

13. Poor posture during computer manipulation.

14. Bending for longer period of time.

15. Over stretching of the human body.

16. Unusual bending.

17. Pulling or pushing heavier objects.

18. Standing for longer hours.

19. Sitting for a long period of time.

20. Driving a car for longer period of time without rest.

21. Sleeping on less quality mattresses.

22. Wrong sleeping posture.

23. Cauda equina syndrome.

24. A tumor formed on the spine can cause dysfunctions of a nerve which can therefore lead to back pain.

25. Pelvic inflammatory disease.

26. People who are having sleeping disorders often experience back pain.

27. Pregnant women are more likely to develop back pain.

28. Sedentary lifestyle.

29. Old age.

30. Lower fitness level.

31. Obesity

32. Excessive smoking.

33. Wrong approach to certain physical exercise.

1. Pain around the back is the actual symptom of back pain. 
2. A back pain is not sometimes considered a dangerous health situation unless it comes along with symptoms like fever, intense pain even when lying down, weight loss, a swell on the back, difficult urination and numbness in the legs, around genetals or buttocks. 
Note: visit a doctor if you are experiencing any other symptom in addition to your back pain.


1. X-ray scan
X-rays can be used to scan and check how bones are aligned. This helps to detect if there is arthritis or a crack or break in any bone.

2. MRI scan
MRI scan can help detect if there is any problem with blood vessels, bones, nerves, tissues or muscles.

3. Radioactive tracing
Radioactive tracing can also be helpful in diagnosing back pains. This method involves the use of certain radioactive substances. This radioactive substances are introduced into the veins and a special camera is used to trace them in order to detect any sort of breakages or problems in the bones.

4. EMG
EMG (electromyography) can be helpful too. It detects problems by measuring electrical impulses emitted by nerves.


 There are numerous simple remedies that are known to be very effective in countering back pains.

1. Rest
Rest is one of the best ways to minimise the effects and the severity of any sort of body pain including back pain. As we all know, rest is very simple.

2. Acupuncture
Acupuncture is can be helpful in alleviating back pain. It is done by inserting needles in certain specific points of the body. It causes the organs responsible for the production of endorphins to be very active in order to release enough endorphins to kill the pain.

3. Yoga.
Yoga do not just get rid of back pain, it improves the strength of the muscles in the back. This will help prevent any future back pain. 
Note: certain wrong yoga poses can worsen the pain instead of alleviating it.

4. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation).
This therapy is known to be very effective for getting rid of chronic back pain. The machines used for this therapy introduces some amount of electrical pulses into the body to help get rid of the pain.


1. Exercise.
Frequent exercise can help improve the strength of muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons in the human body. If all these parts of the body are in good health, it highly impossible to develop any sort of back pain.
Core strengthening exercises and some simple flexibility training can keep you far away from back pain.

2. Check your diet.
Eat foods that contain nutrients needed for strong bone. Such nutrients include vitamin D, calcium and many more.

3. Avoid smoking.
It is known that, most smokers do complain a lot about back pain so staying completely away from back pains can possibly help prevent back pain.

4. Check your weight.
Too much weight in certain areas of the body can result in back pain so make sure you gain unnecessary weight through exercise or diet.

5. Check your posture anytime you are standing.
When standing, make sure your back is straight and your body weight should be exerted on both feet.
And always stand upright.

6. Always check your seat and sitting posture.
Sitting in good seats that have correct back support and arm rests is very important since it can prevent back pain.
Make sure to sit upright and let your feet be very flat on the floor.

7. Becareful when lifting objects.
To lift heavy things, follow the following steps:
Bend the knees
Keep your back very straight
Hold the heavy object very close to your body.
Now straighten your leg as you lift the object.

8. Check shoes you wear.
Wearing flat shoes can help prevent back pain especially in pregnant women.

9. Becareful when driving
The driving seat should contain enough cushion to prevent unnecessary back pain. Check your sitting position too when driving.
A lot of breaks to take little walks during long journeys should be practised.

10. Sleep on good mattresses.
Sleeping on mattresses that will provide adequate support to your shoulders and also keep your spine straight can really help prevent back pain.


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